December 5, 2008
I’ve worn my BSPs (not every single day) for about 13 days now, and here’s an update on how they’re doing.
I took a pic of their hairy goodness with sunlight seeping in through the window.  Notice the indigo-colored thread used for the arcuates.  They’ll look nice once the denim starts to fade.
Here’s the denim laid out in natural light.  You can see where they’ve stretched and where the combs/whiskers have start to set.

Orange Selvedge!  I got them hemmed/chain-stitched at The Stronghold in Venice last week.  I took off about 3 inches, and the Union Special chain-stitch machine worked its magic in under 15 minutes.
Some belt evo.  This hefty belt from Tanner was natural before I oiled it with mink oil and let it age.  Oh, and I got a little thinner in the process, hence the belt notch moving.