The Homeless Hustle

March 6, 2009

(Adult Language) This homeboy’s got flow for days.  He’s raw, he’s vicious and he don’t give a (*&^.  Listen to him spit about his hustle & flow.  Just another kid who fell through the cracks of the American foster care system.  It’s hard to sympathize with him when he’s so damn matter-of-fact about the terrible things he’s done, but its what he’s had to do to stay alive ’til today.  He spits hard, ripping into people like he doesn’t care, and he really doesn’t care.  He tells it like it is, and he does it with a laid back ferocity that is admirable and genuine.  He’s definitely not battling for money (cos he’s got nothing) and he’s not doing it for his pride (because he’s just a step above rock bottom).  Like he says in the video, he raps cos it’s therapeutic, cos otherwise he’d be out there breaking the jaws of all the well-kempt fools who ignore him during the day and speed-walk away from him at night.  It makes you wonder – does every single homeless person you pass on the street have so rich a story as his?  Just watch the video.  You’ll see what’s up.

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The Crisis of Credit, Visualized & Personalized.

March 4, 2009

Part 2 Original

I’ve been seeing this video float around the interweb for a couple weeks or so now, so maybe you’ve seen it.  If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth the 10 minutes or so of your life to get a more holistic understanding of the ‘credit crisis’, ‘recession’, ‘economic downturn’ that we are all involuntarily partakers of.  Some of us may feel the bite of it more than others, and at least within my circle of friends, things might not seem so bad, but this video really hits you with the full weight of the situation with easy to understand visuals, script & delivery.

In good times and especially bad, we have to keep our priorities straight and know exactly where our money is going as it leaves our bank accounts.  The numbers in my bank account have diminished at a steady rate as of late, and this month especially, I’ve come face to face with ‘just scraping by’.  I work in small business, and small business owners, as a whole, are scrambling and scouring the earth, looking for the fabled investor.  It’s kill or be killed, and maybe even feigning death is what it’s gonna take for ELM to push through the threshold, but I’m glad that we’re still here, day in and day out, hustlin’ with blood, sweat and tears.


My iPhone screenshot of my overview of my bank accounts/credit cards. is free online money management software that divvies up your spending and saving into pie charts.  Nothing says you’re serious like a pie chart, and my pie chart is looking mighty puny these days.  Keep in mind, my mom transferred over $250.00 dollars because she thought I wouldn’t be able to recover from the automatic car payment I have scheduled.  Sighs all around.