Sluggish Saturdays

April 5, 2009

I feel sluggish.  At least at the moment.  Worship practice, cleaning up my home, watching Ruth & Genessee film their video entry to Amazing Race, Dodgers exhibition game, late-night nonsensical traffic and The Hat + Orange Bang to finish out the day.  Here are some photos.





Direct Connect

March 19, 2009

A beautifully presented short film that you might’ve seen before, but I watched for the first in its entirety today.  The tag for the film reads:

Every day: so many opportunities to connect…What if you took just one?

I feel like I make so many fleeting connections on a daily level.  If either one of us were to take the initiative, it could turn into something so much more worthwhile.  All I really need to do is to back away from my reclusive tendencies and be more willing to let these connections take their course.


Pic via Jonathan Wood


February 24, 2009

/WOTD/ peculate PEK-yuh-leyt, verb: to steal money or goods entrusted to one; embezzle

Towards the end of the day during ELM‘s Black Friday sale, one customer thought that he could go into the changing room and peculate the goods he was trying on.

I woke up waaaaay early today. Mia woke me up by pawing me, notifying me that she’d shaken off the last remnants of her slumber (I was couching it, and she was sleeping at the foot of the couch) and was ready to get the day going. It’s too bad that getting the day going involved waking up at approximately 6:57 AM PST and an urgent desire to expel the contents of her puppy bladder. I’m guessing those paws tha woke me up weren’t an expression of her affection for me, but rather a warning that she had to go and she had to go now! I groggily sauntered over to where she had already begun to piss, urged her to stop, took her outside, where she was finally able to finish. I guess you can’t always win. A half-puddle of urine is better than a full puddle of urine, any day of the week, especially Tuesdays.

Back to the actual purpose of this blog – the denims. While Mia was playing around in the backyard, I had some time to shoot my denims, which just had their 3 month anniversary this past Friday.

SE05BSP 3 months / no soak / no wash

The front.

Details of the front creases.

Details of the ring fade in the coin pocket. I used to wear that ring, but it’s made out of titanium, so it didn’t really adapt with the weather well and I felt that it was messing with my finger bone.

The Back.

Details of the wallet fade.

Itchy Teeth
Black & White

Itchy Teeth


January 21, 2009

Met up with my No Numbers homeboys to get crack-a-lacking on the project and it seems we’ve got some cool stuff coming.  At least that’s the plan.  Now to execute.

Here are some shots of my buddy Ryan in his Somets from B.I.G.S.H.  Low-rise crispy goodness at its best.

And here’s my fit pic.  Not much in terms of wear, as you can see.

Shout to my naggers at GDFHT!  Thanks for a fun night eating and catching up!


January 11, 2009
Not much going on with the jawnz right now.  I think I’ll make this blog a denim/my own interest blog so I’ll have more stuff to blog about since I only have 1 pair of jawnz I’m working on (can’t afford more due to sad times).  I can also post shots of my fellow jawnheadz jeans also.  It’ll be like a co-evolution blog.
Here’s a crotch shot I took on a hike with my family today.


December 17, 2008
What’s good y’all.  Not much to update in terms of the denimz, but I’ll probably take a pic and post it at the 1-month mark, just to have a record of its evolution.  That’ll be in about 4 days or so be on the lookout for that.  
The shop threw an always pc-friendly “holiday” bash that coincided with our heavily overshadowed five year anniversary.  If only times were better, a truly monumental party could have been had.  But I guess even being around at this time is something to mildly celebrate.  Here are some shots from the shindig.

Ah.  Nothing like alcohol and poinsettias to set the mood.

A little game of s-k-a-t-e as the night closes out.
I’m also anxiously waiting on the leather wallet/tether/belt loop Nicholas (Hollows Leather) put together for me the last week or so.  Mine is the one that is called “simple black set” on his flickr account.  He was super quick, super nice & had some good prices.  I can’t wait.  I asked for a card-holder slim wallet, since I charge with credit card most of the time & only rarely carry bills on me.  I didn’t want it too thick or too ornate for the sake of simplicity and also so my pocket isn’t bulging out two inches wherever go.  I guess I could’ve enjoyed it better if it came in natural & I could evo it over time, but my BSPs are very willing to share indigo with whatever they touch, and black is beautiful.  Tether came along for the ride, and the simple belt loop got thrown in for good measure.

I’ll get my own pics up when I’ve got the goods.


December 8, 2008

So I was at the shop one day and it was a regular recession retail Friday (aka SLOW WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT – I’ve taken to bringing a lengthy book to the shop to at least be semi-productive) and in walks this typical looking homey, wearing some fitted jeans and a generic looking flannel.  

“Oooh, a customer, maybe we’ll actually make a little green today”, I naively thought.  
At that precise moment, a bunch of other customers herded into the store and things got a little hectic, as I was the only one manning the shop.  As it turns out, nobody wanted to buy anything and had set out to the shop to just mess up the displays, so I was worked up for nothing.   Inevitably, I would hear a little a bit of the customers making casual conversation and I picked up that the first customer, named Sonny, was a carpenter by trade.  
Wow.  I mean, Jesus was a carpenter, right?  I’d always daydreamed of being a skilled artisan.  Getting apprenticed to a master-craftsmen, rising to the rank of journeyman and then earning the right to be called a master of your craft is just so darn romantic!  Working with your hands, being your own boss, keeping your own schedule.  Seems like the life to be had for every pencil-pushin’ button-masher imprisoned in their own cubicles.  Of course I was almost immediately interested.
We talked it up – chopped it up for a good hour.  He was a good dude.  Very down to earth and humble.  Willing to admit that the “life” just wasn’t all that, that it was largely imagined and idealized.  He was just as chained to his craft as everyone else is chained to their jobs.  He had gone into it blindly, no master-craftsmen for him to latch onto.  In fact, he said he pretty much sucked hard at everything he put his hand to until he got a lot more skilled, and actually found a niche.  Well now he’s one of the world’s foremost carpenters in the field of S&M Dungeon-craft and his workshop is busy year-round.  So you can imagine why I chose not to show any pictures considering the perverse nature of his pieces, but it was interesting to say the least.  And he left the shop without buying anything to boot!
Well this got me thinking.  You can learn most anything online.  So why not try something I’m interested in?  Most denim aficionados become semi-interested in leather by nature of the vice (almost anything that ages beautifully is worth considering as adornment), and anything handcrafted (especially from Japan) has a price tag that is hard to justify except for in a moment of weakness, so why not try myself?  A belt can’t be that hard to make.  So let’s make it happen, cap’n!

Images courtesy of Corter Leather.