Neo-Progresso Dinner Weekend – Welcome To Our World!

March 3, 2009

/WOTD/ acute \uh-KYOOT\, adjective: 1. acting keenly on the senses; sharp 2. quick in discernment; drawing fine distinctions 3. of an angle, less than 90 degrees 4. happening quickly, briefly, and severely

I once met a cute girl; she was quite acute.

Movie looks really eerie but I’m still interested.  Gondry never ceases to fascinate me.  It’s always awesome to see when people come up and get the respect they deserve.

I’m so friggin’ exhausted from this past weekend.  There was so, so much going on, and even though it was physically taxing, bodies can recover and it certainly was all worth it.

A bunch of us (@crystal_jean, @oogieoo, @imhenry, @hollyxann, @allanzzz, @jackiejlee, @jessecplee, @krispyapplebee, @ruthchu, @tiffrz to name a few of the tweeters) decided to put on a progressive dinner for the graduating college senior class at church (@g12eddie, @j0shhuang, @chesterhuang, @butterflikisses, @cheekz, @daving, @janeyou, @joobacca, @uhnivek – wow, tweeters be replicating!) to welcome them with open arms to the life we embrace post-college.  We divvied dinner up between three houses, progressing it slowly from appetizers to main courses to deserts, with drivers whisking each of the three groups away after the allotted thirty minute time period.

The day seemed to be one long held breath, at least for me.  First of all, we were a tad short-staffed.  One of the helpers became a driver, and another wanted to document the whole thing on video.  So we were down to three, and we set out to make the main course for 40+ people.

We slowly rolled through Costco (, whipped through Staters Brothers, and pretty soon it was go-time.  The whole preparation period had the feel of the latter half of an Iron Chef competition – time was ticking and the possibility of our imagined cuisine actually materializing diminishing.  With a focused attitude, I humbly began the first task at hand – grating a block of sharp cheddar to shreds.  Idiotically, I ended up grating off a sizable chunk of my thumb.  It ended up being kinda gross, but it was handled.  After that, I was relegated to chop duty, and even though that was the only relatively major hiccup during the whole process, time was still both our friend and foe.

Tick tock tick tock tick.  We finished on time but by the end of the preparation period, every member of the team was crippled in some way – Ruth’s ankle has been on the mend for a month now, Becca’s back had given out and she was perma-glued to the massage chair, and my wounded finger prevented me from being near any water for fear of infection (Score! No dishes!).

Relevant videos – 1 2 3 4

Cheers to a succesful night.


Hawaii themed dinner – See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil hula pigs in front of the kool-aid sprite cocktail.


Everything was so colorful.


Teriyaki pineapple meatballs.  So delicious.


LOADED mac & cheese.  Alfredo, sharp cheddar, bacon bits, bread crumbs.  I’m getting hungry just looking at it.  I conquered it, but I suffered later, since I’ve developed a semi-lactose intolerance.


The different meats you could skewer on to your kebab with their respective sauces.


This has nothing to do with the progressive dinner.  I just took some shots at work, looking for a suitable header image for the work blog.


Right outside the shop.  I liked the sky, the oncoming traffic and the church across the ways.


February 18, 2009

/WOTD/ consternation kon-ster-NEY-shuhn, noun: sudden dread or paralyzing terror

To my consternation, a group of rowdy customers entered the shop just as the microwave counter ticked down to ZERO and the delicious aromas had already danced their way into my senses and longings.

St. Valentine’s day was spent with my fellow bromosexuals @imhenry, @daving, @effchu. We caught a movie and hit up Norm‘s at midnight.

@imhenry posing with our Coraline 3D stub. Friggin’ dope movie. It shows a glimpse of where 3D is going. Movies are going to be CRAZY. You heard it here first.

@effchu’s plate of loaded hash, devoured in mere milliseconds.

@effchu’s garlic fries, devoured in less milliseconds.

My steak&eggs&hashbrowns&hotcakes caught mid-devour. Look at that medium rare goodness. Yums!

It turns out you can get one of these on Norm’s if you have a ticket stub from a local movie theater and spend over $5.99. Monster meal, all for under 10 dollars, pre-tax.

Nature versus Machine
Caught behind the hustle & bustle of Third Street Promenade.

The Unlikely Couple

This is my denim appreciation blog, so I figured it was time to shoot a little bit. In all honesty, the jeans haven’t been doing much. I just wear them. The initial indigo release has pretty much subsided. They bled blue like a mother before. Everything I sat on looked like it was involved in some Smurf massacre, but now they’re just keeping. Some indigo loss on the whiskering, and I don’t plan on doing a soak anytime soon, so they’ll probably show more wear in a couple weeks/months. I liked the contrast with the finished wood.

Welcome to LA
Everywhere else in the world, The New York Times reigns supreme.

Mickey D’s for the inner child. Yums.

How is a quarter every five minutes justified? This thing sucks more money than American Auto.