February 14, 2009

Refreshments, Seared Ahi Tuna with a side of Garlic Butter (Pure Semi-Sashimi Goodness), Afternoon Sunrise


February 8, 2009
I embedded the song above for ambiance’ sake (especially from minute marker 2:31 and on), so just click play and let the song wash over you like you’re sleeping buried to your neck at the beach during low tide.
Driving home with my brother after spending an afternoon at Bin Bin Konjac just fooling around on the internets and with friends, I was coming home for a family dinner and Coldplay – Fix You was playing.  Right when we were a couple blocks away from home, the song was hitting its peak/bridge (2:31 & on), and there was just the most perfect post-rain sunset overlooking the hillside my street winds around.  It was breathtaking.  I quickly pulled the car over at the nearest side street, and we both trekked onto the hill, looking for the perfect shot.  Not sure I found it, and my noobzilla photog skills did not do the moment justice.  I hope you can somewhat enjoy it with me.  
Our God Reigns.


February 8, 2009

Been having some crazy times all up in LA.  Driving at zero visibility can be a little trying sometime, hitting huge floodspots cos of the notoriously poor irrigation in Los Angeles.  Today the rain let up and L.A. is truly most beautiful after a grip of rain.

The homeboys hit up Tommy’s for lunch today.  The chili-cheese burgers here could stop your heart easy, and as I’m sitting here right now I’m nursing a dull stomach ache, but man, is the actual experience of it is so worth it.  Beyond measure.  If this is shaving away at my life, then kill me now.
Behold the ominous clouds.  Moar rain coming.