It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

April 2, 2009

As some of you may know, I brought my puppy Mia to the shop this week (when she wasn’t plastered in her own fecal matter!) because my parents took a little vacation to the Pacific Northwest.  She had a good time checking out the city.  At least she knows now to be afraid of cars.



She was quite mischievous today, nesting in the clothes (polybagged to retain freshness!).  Funniest moment this whole week was when she was playing out in the front of the shop and my buddy Gio walked in with an expression of awful trepidation etched across his face and when I walked to the front to see what was up, I literally gagged from the stench.  It was clear to me that Mia had found herself a cozy little area to squeeze out a pungent dookie or two.  The problem was that we are literally out of power in the front area so we didn’t know where the poo was so all three of us (Gio, Ian & me) were daintily stepping around trying to avoid stepping on it whilst using our noses to zero in on ground zero.  After a while, we came to the conclusion that either our noses had gotten used to it, or she had just let out one of the most rankest, most god-awful hell-raising farts I’ve ever encountered thus far.


March 15, 2009

/WOTD/ scintilla \sin-TIL-uh\, noun: A tiny or scarcely detectable amount; the slightest particle; a trace; a spark.

If I could infuse my personality with even one more scintilla of compassion, I feel like I would be a much more effective person.

Today was a pretty long day, but it was a day well-spent.  Met up with homies at Bonelli park and we just kicked it for the majority of an afternoon.  It was an overcast day, but the sun came out to mix in a trace amount of warmth to round out the day quite nicely.  The evening was spent at KBBQ in good company with good conversation and the consumption of good food.

I thought I’d post some pictures with color after the black & white set I uploaded yesterday.  Black & White has its place in my heart, but color gives the pictures so much personality.  To tell you the truth, I usually desaturate images that are just too troublesome to color correct cos I’m lazy.







5 Things I Really Like ATM

March 11, 2009

In no particular order, I’m just going to wax poetic about 5 things that I really like at the moment.

5. Twitter
The micro-blogging/status update supersite has been the buzz word as of late and for good reason.  There’s no real sense to it but the idea of updating your life and conversing with friends/e-buddies with a 140 character limiter has become an integral part of my online experience.  I choose to use Tweetdeck on my MBP and Tweetie on the iPhone.  The service is like a vacuum-packed social network – you can follow and interact with people that technically should be out of reach.  You can harass them, but more likely than not, they’re ignoring you.  There’s a veiled intimacy surrounding the experience of Twitter – technically, everything is easily accessible for the public, but there’s still an aspect of you privately going about doing your own business.  This micro-voyeurism is part of the allure.  With the integration of hashtags, you can meet tons of people with similar interests as you and through their Twitter accounts, chance upon their blogs and network beyond what was possible before.  Also, conciseness = quick reads = less headache!

4. RSS
If you’re surfing the internet in 2009, more likely than not, you’re making your way through tons and tons of blogs on a daily basis.  The ‘blogosphere’ has become a beast to be reckoned with, and making your way through these blogs on a daily basis can be a hassle, to say the least.  Insert RSS.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and most blogs have RSS feeds that you can subscribe to (even mine!).  The concept behind RSS is that all of the feeds from the blogs you read are aggregated in one reader and whenever they blogs are updated, the feeds push the content to the various RSS readers that in turn chronologically list the articles from all of the blogs you are subscribed to and can be read in a single window.  This is useful because you won’t spend your time constantly checking your favorite blogs & sites to see if they’ve recently updated.  And you can categorize.  I prefer Google reader.

3. Gmail
Not so much Gmail, which I’ve had for a long time, but the Google productivity tools that I’ve recently implemented in my Gmail hub.  Gmail by itself is already an impressive product – almost limitless space, threaded emails etc.  I had preferred to use Apple Mail before and barely touched the Gmail website before, but I’ve been convinced otherwise.  If you turn a bunch of the options available under Google labs on, you’ll get so much out of Gmail.  For example, I have Tasks, Advanced IMAP Controls, Multiple Inboxes, SMS in Chat, Google Calendar Gadget turned on at the moment, and I use each on a regular basis.  Tasks is an online to-do list that I can access in Gmail or my iPhone.  Advanced IMAP Controls allows me have more control over my email in Apple Mail and my iPhone.  Multiple Inboxes (1) partition my mail into separate mailboxes (nifty for multiple accounts and different labels).  SMS in Chat is quick text messaging to people on your contact list.  The Google Calendar Gadget (2) put a mini-Google calendar in your Google hub that allows for quick viewing and updating.  Also, I’ve implemented Google sync so my contacts (phone numbers, email addresses, profile pictures, physical addresses) and my Google calendar are all pushed onto my phone.  Life’s good with Google.  Ask me about if you have more questions and/or need help setting up stuff in your life.

2. WBC
I love the World Baseball Classic.  I don’t know why.  Maybe its because I’ve grown up playing baseball, but I just love watching it.  The upsets, the stacked teams, the national pride, the underdogs beating the big dogs (Netherlands over the big DR?).  I can’t get enough of it.  The fans are crazy and the atmosphere is so intense.  At the inaugural WBC in 2006, I went to a couple of different games (most notably South Korea vs. Japan) and that was probably one of the most intense atmospheres I’ve ever been in.  40,000 South Korean fans chanting in unison is a sight I won’t easily forget.  Superstars are born at the world level when national pride is on the line.  And this kid is pretty good.

1. Mia’s Idiosyncrasies
Mia is my 9-week old German Shepherd/Black Labrador puppy (she was born on 1/1/09).  She’s getting pretty big already, but I still have to remind myself that she’s still a puppy.  There are certain things about her that just tickle my fancy.  When I’ve scolded her for nipping me with her razorsharp puppy teeth, she always turns her snapping maw into a huge wolfish yawn as if hiding the fact that she was biting me moments before.  Or when I’m telling her to do something that she doesn’t want to do, she lowers her face to the floor and puts her oversized paw over the top of her head, as if trying to hide.  And she runs so goofy cos her legs are too big for her body.  So cute.

What are some of your favorite things at the moment?


February 24, 2009

/WOTD/ peculate PEK-yuh-leyt, verb: to steal money or goods entrusted to one; embezzle

Towards the end of the day during ELM‘s Black Friday sale, one customer thought that he could go into the changing room and peculate the goods he was trying on.

I woke up waaaaay early today. Mia woke me up by pawing me, notifying me that she’d shaken off the last remnants of her slumber (I was couching it, and she was sleeping at the foot of the couch) and was ready to get the day going. It’s too bad that getting the day going involved waking up at approximately 6:57 AM PST and an urgent desire to expel the contents of her puppy bladder. I’m guessing those paws tha woke me up weren’t an expression of her affection for me, but rather a warning that she had to go and she had to go now! I groggily sauntered over to where she had already begun to piss, urged her to stop, took her outside, where she was finally able to finish. I guess you can’t always win. A half-puddle of urine is better than a full puddle of urine, any day of the week, especially Tuesdays.

Back to the actual purpose of this blog – the denims. While Mia was playing around in the backyard, I had some time to shoot my denims, which just had their 3 month anniversary this past Friday.

SE05BSP 3 months / no soak / no wash

The front.

Details of the front creases.

Details of the ring fade in the coin pocket. I used to wear that ring, but it’s made out of titanium, so it didn’t really adapt with the weather well and I felt that it was messing with my finger bone.

The Back.

Details of the wallet fade.

Itchy Teeth
Black & White

Itchy Teeth


February 23, 2009

/WOTD/ beseech bi-SEECH, verb; beseech, besought or beseeched, beseeching: to ask earnestly; implore

I intended to beseech for forgiveness, but it slipped my mind and came back to bite me in the worst of ways.

A long tiring Sunday, but things are already different in that Mia seems to be sleeping through the night (at least thus far, knock on wood).

Not the usual stream of photos, but I like these two, probably because I took and framed each, instead of just ripping photos off the camera that aren’t my creative property.

Meh. Anyway, I took her to the park today after church, and she was able to just chill, and stomp around to her heart’s content. She really is an oversized puppy, and I can’t forget that cos she’s already close to the full grown size of my old beagle, may she rest in peace. She’s leveled up her experience so much in the last two days already.

7 weeks old, but she’s already spending her nights surrounded by iron bars. We actually had to fortify the structure cos she broke out of jail last night and left a little brown present right by the dining table in protest. Scrum-diddly-umptious!

The Octagon
Much like the deadly octagon fights in mixed martial arts fighting, this octagon is lively and full of flying bodily fluids.


February 22, 2009

/WOTD/ nocuous NOK-yoo-uhs, adjective: very hurtful; noxious

My new pup Mia is not very nocuous at all; any pain she causes is inadvertent. She can’t really help having oversized paws and needle-point teeth.

First day with the new pup – black lab/question-mark-father mix (most likely german shep). It’s 1:57 AM and she’s lying down next to me, slipping in and out of sleep. She slept too much during the day, so when we leave her alone, she’s not sleeping through the night and causing a whining racket. But she sure is cute! I’ve already had to clean up her urine 3 times and I haven’t really minded at all! I didn’t shoot any of these pictures.

Her first experience outside at church. She was pretty scared.

She pissed at @effchu‘s feet ( I would too). The entire process was documented.

Leaving the scene of the crime. She paws around like a tigress.

Not really liking the leash thing at all. She still doesn’t. What a princess.

But I can’t really say no to that face.

Artsy Golden Stream. It represents the snaking Yellow River, breaking through the rigid lines of the Iron Curtain. Actually, @effchu was just trying to be artsy, I’ll bet.

Me with the pup.

Mr. Wood, firing away. His shots are probably 10x bettarz.

Constance wanted one. This little mongrel steals hearts and takes names.

We were trying to go to lunch, but homegirl wasn’t moving at all. If only she were that sleepy now. Nice jawnz.

New addition to the family! @daving con mi.


February 16, 2009
So my fam-bam is looking to adopt one of these puppies and you’re gonna help me do it!
Take a look at the pictures of each one and help us with our decision!  It’s been terribly hard for me, so let me know your thoughts!
This is the female of the group.  She’s slightly smaller, a light brown color, beautiful but just a little feisty/growly/prone to nipping at your hand with her little canines.
This is the black male.  He’s playful, a dark clean color with a little diamond of white on his head, and chubby.  Very cute and laid back.
This is the light brown male.  He’s playful, but laid back and cute too.