February 22, 2009

/WOTD/ nocuous NOK-yoo-uhs, adjective: very hurtful; noxious

My new pup Mia is not very nocuous at all; any pain she causes is inadvertent. She can’t really help having oversized paws and needle-point teeth.

First day with the new pup – black lab/question-mark-father mix (most likely german shep). It’s 1:57 AM and she’s lying down next to me, slipping in and out of sleep. She slept too much during the day, so when we leave her alone, she’s not sleeping through the night and causing a whining racket. But she sure is cute! I’ve already had to clean up her urine 3 times and I haven’t really minded at all! I didn’t shoot any of these pictures.

Her first experience outside at church. She was pretty scared.

She pissed at @effchu‘s feet ( I would too). The entire process was documented.

Leaving the scene of the crime. She paws around like a tigress.

Not really liking the leash thing at all. She still doesn’t. What a princess.

But I can’t really say no to that face.

Artsy Golden Stream. It represents the snaking Yellow River, breaking through the rigid lines of the Iron Curtain. Actually, @effchu was just trying to be artsy, I’ll bet.

Me with the pup.

Mr. Wood, firing away. His shots are probably 10x bettarz.

Constance wanted one. This little mongrel steals hearts and takes names.

We were trying to go to lunch, but homegirl wasn’t moving at all. If only she were that sleepy now. Nice jawnz.

New addition to the family! @daving con mi.