December 17, 2008
What’s good y’all.  Not much to update in terms of the denimz, but I’ll probably take a pic and post it at the 1-month mark, just to have a record of its evolution.  That’ll be in about 4 days or so be on the lookout for that.  
The shop threw an always pc-friendly “holiday” bash that coincided with our heavily overshadowed five year anniversary.  If only times were better, a truly monumental party could have been had.  But I guess even being around at this time is something to mildly celebrate.  Here are some shots from the shindig.

Ah.  Nothing like alcohol and poinsettias to set the mood.

A little game of s-k-a-t-e as the night closes out.
I’m also anxiously waiting on the leather wallet/tether/belt loop Nicholas (Hollows Leather) put together for me the last week or so.  Mine is the one that is called “simple black set” on his flickr account.  He was super quick, super nice & had some good prices.  I can’t wait.  I asked for a card-holder slim wallet, since I charge with credit card most of the time & only rarely carry bills on me.  I didn’t want it too thick or too ornate for the sake of simplicity and also so my pocket isn’t bulging out two inches wherever go.  I guess I could’ve enjoyed it better if it came in natural & I could evo it over time, but my BSPs are very willing to share indigo with whatever they touch, and black is beautiful.  Tether came along for the ride, and the simple belt loop got thrown in for good measure.

I’ll get my own pics up when I’ve got the goods.