Direct Connect

March 19, 2009

A beautifully presented short film that you might’ve seen before, but I watched for the first in its entirety today.  The tag for the film reads:

Every day: so many opportunities to connect…What if you took just one?

I feel like I make so many fleeting connections on a daily level.  If either one of us were to take the initiative, it could turn into something so much more worthwhile.  All I really need to do is to back away from my reclusive tendencies and be more willing to let these connections take their course.


Pic via Jonathan Wood


January 21, 2009

Met up with my No Numbers homeboys to get crack-a-lacking on the project and it seems we’ve got some cool stuff coming.  At least that’s the plan.  Now to execute.

Here are some shots of my buddy Ryan in his Somets from B.I.G.S.H.  Low-rise crispy goodness at its best.

And here’s my fit pic.  Not much in terms of wear, as you can see.

Shout to my naggers at GDFHT!  Thanks for a fun night eating and catching up!


January 11, 2009
Not much going on with the jawnz right now.  I think I’ll make this blog a denim/my own interest blog so I’ll have more stuff to blog about since I only have 1 pair of jawnz I’m working on (can’t afford more due to sad times).  I can also post shots of my fellow jawnheadz jeans also.  It’ll be like a co-evolution blog.
Here’s a crotch shot I took on a hike with my family today.

Round 2

November 19, 2008

Here’s round 2 of me trying to shoot my jeans.  More out of the sun, so less washed out.  I’m still trying to get the hang of it though.

Hello World

November 19, 2008

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be cataloging the comings and goings of the denimz projects I’m working on and other miscellaneous items of interest. I hope you enjoy.

Here’s the jeans I’ve been working on for the last couple 6 months or so. They’ve endured two searing hot soaks (I don’t like how the jeans fit around my ass so I tried to get them to fit a little cushier but it didn’t really work out) and one hot wash. they’re great, apart from the way the top block fits on me. Oh well.  They came furry as a mofo, stiff as a paper clip, and they lost indigo by the boatload, but I like how they’ve faded thus far.