February 23, 2009

/WOTD/ beseech bi-SEECH, verb; beseech, besought or beseeched, beseeching: to ask earnestly; implore

I intended to beseech for forgiveness, but it slipped my mind and came back to bite me in the worst of ways.

A long tiring Sunday, but things are already different in that Mia seems to be sleeping through the night (at least thus far, knock on wood).

Not the usual stream of photos, but I like these two, probably because I took and framed each, instead of just ripping photos off the camera that aren’t my creative property.

Meh. Anyway, I took her to the park today after church, and she was able to just chill, and stomp around to her heart’s content. She really is an oversized puppy, and I can’t forget that cos she’s already close to the full grown size of my old beagle, may she rest in peace. She’s leveled up her experience so much in the last two days already.

7 weeks old, but she’s already spending her nights surrounded by iron bars. We actually had to fortify the structure cos she broke out of jail last night and left a little brown present right by the dining table in protest. Scrum-diddly-umptious!

The Octagon
Much like the deadly octagon fights in mixed martial arts fighting, this octagon is lively and full of flying bodily fluids.