February 18, 2009

/WOTD/ consternation kon-ster-NEY-shuhn, noun: sudden dread or paralyzing terror

To my consternation, a group of rowdy customers entered the shop just as the microwave counter ticked down to ZERO and the delicious aromas had already danced their way into my senses and longings.

St. Valentine’s day was spent with my fellow bromosexuals @imhenry, @daving, @effchu. We caught a movie and hit up Norm‘s at midnight.

@imhenry posing with our Coraline 3D stub. Friggin’ dope movie. It shows a glimpse of where 3D is going. Movies are going to be CRAZY. You heard it here first.

@effchu’s plate of loaded hash, devoured in mere milliseconds.

@effchu’s garlic fries, devoured in less milliseconds.

My steak&eggs&hashbrowns&hotcakes caught mid-devour. Look at that medium rare goodness. Yums!

It turns out you can get one of these on Norm’s if you have a ticket stub from a local movie theater and spend over $5.99. Monster meal, all for under 10 dollars, pre-tax.

Nature versus Machine
Caught behind the hustle & bustle of Third Street Promenade.

The Unlikely Couple

This is my denim appreciation blog, so I figured it was time to shoot a little bit. In all honesty, the jeans haven’t been doing much. I just wear them. The initial indigo release has pretty much subsided. They bled blue like a mother before. Everything I sat on looked like it was involved in some Smurf massacre, but now they’re just keeping. Some indigo loss on the whiskering, and I don’t plan on doing a soak anytime soon, so they’ll probably show more wear in a couple weeks/months. I liked the contrast with the finished wood.

Welcome to LA
Everywhere else in the world, The New York Times reigns supreme.

Mickey D’s for the inner child. Yums.

How is a quarter every five minutes justified? This thing sucks more money than American Auto.