And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

March 28, 2009

This whole year has been a doozy.  Mostly a bitter-tasting, life-is-sucky doozy that leaves foul-smelling streaks all over every facet of my life.  To put it in a culturally-relevant context, I’m experiencing “epic fail”-ure on a regular basis.  How so, you ask?  Let me count the ways.

1.  A couple of months ago, my trusty silver Honda Civic just started over-heating and breaking down randomly.  I had to utilize AAA roadside assistance like 4 times, which I’m glad to have survived in and of itself.  I paid $200.00 bucks to get my CAM chip fixed (which didn’t fix the problem), another $200.00 to replace the radiator, and s’more money to fix the leaky coolant, all for a car that got a dealership trade-in appraisal of $1000.00.  On top of that, my parents dropped another G to completely fix it up and eventually sold the car for $3100.00 (more on that later).

2.  My work is seeing hard times, and I’m all for working there and I enjoy being somewhat involved in the ebb and flow of the fashion industry, but there’s only so much ebbing you can take.  Especially if you had to buy a new car to replace your old car that was giving you a massive headache (see point 1).  Basically, my savings got wiped clean and on top of that, I have a $200.00 car payment that rips my wallet a new one every month.  I’m also owed around $6000.00 in back pay that I’m not really complaining about.  As long as I meet my credit card payments, I’m happy (more on that later).

3.  I got a speeding ticket (my fault) that I have yet to pay and even inquire to how much the ticket will be.  I fear the worst and because of that, I’m putting off finding out.  I wish I was more willing to challenge life rather than be subdued by it.  I also got an overnight parking ticket right in front of my house & on the wrong side of the street.  The sad part about that scenario is that I had tried to be proactive and clean my room, wash my puppy and wash my car.  I had finished the day parking it across the street in the waning sunlight and forgot to move it back into my driveway.  I guess you just gotta learn sometime.

4.  My trusty credit card went missing tonight.  I either misplaced it after paying the tab at KBBQ lunchtime, or someone reached into my wallet when it was lying in plain sight at church and re-appropriated it for themselves.  The good thing is I found out really quickly and have already canceled the card.  It also helps that my wallet was devoid of cash-money-dollars.  Now I don’t even have a credit card payment that I need to meet (see point 2).

5.  I just came home and my mom said to me, “Did you get a parking ticket in Los Angeles?” and I said “I guess so”, thinking she found the speeding ticket (see point 3) I have lying in plain sight on my desk.  But no, she wasn’t referring to that.  Apparently the persons my parents sold my old car too (see point 1) got a parking ticket (good ‘ol street cleaning ticket) in Los Angeles with my old car (671 S. Detroit St. to be exact) and now I have a notice of delinquent parking ticket in my name.  There’s a bunch of redtape and paperwork I have to do to avoid paying this fine which will more than double if I don’t deal with by April 15.

Wah wah wah.  I’m not one to complain much, but I guess this is just my way of venting it outwards.  I could write something cliche like, “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade”, albeit the truth in that statement, I prefer a tasty can of Coke, fresh with condensation dripping of the edges.


Life is still good.  I’m thankful for much more than I complain about.

Nothing Says Sexy Like…

March 6, 2009


Nothing says sexy like a gothic cross.

Please excuse the crappy quality picture – I had to take the picture with my iPhone and I wasn’t too sure what the focus was on, but you got the basic gist of it.  Today I was at Ten Ren’s Tea Time after hanging out with some friends at good ol’ Riverside, CA when I came upon this club flier.  As club fliers go, this one was pretty generic.  Sexy woman, bold colors, convoluted type and art, all designed to grab you by the loins and usher you into their establishment every Friday so they can relieve you of all the money in your wallet.  In return, Club Skyy will make you feel more confident than you have reason to be by providing you with mind-altering swagger-swelling juices and the illusion that girls that look like said scantily-clad model can be found in places like San Bernardino County.

The one thing that caught my eye was that the barely-clad female on the club flier chose to accesorize her stunna shades with a sexy gothic cross.  Cos when I’m feeling really sexy, I like to imagine myself in the antechamber of an idyllic European catherdral and all the dirty, dirty things I can do there.

Another Random Act of E-Racism

March 4, 2009


Not so much a random act of racism, but just a compilation of what Google‘s webcrawlers have determined to be the proper way to complete the query regarding “why are asians so…”.  Its amusing to see what the web/world as a whole has to say about Asians and their insecurities regarding our existence.

It’s going to be interesting to see how many of these stereotypes are going to be rendered ineffective as my generation (I’m a first generation Chinese American) ages.  As culture gets watered down, which values are going to be sustained and which values are going to be more Americanized?

Anyways, just looking at that list, I must only be partially Asian.


The Crisis of Credit, Visualized & Personalized.

March 4, 2009

Part 2 Original

I’ve been seeing this video float around the interweb for a couple weeks or so now, so maybe you’ve seen it.  If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth the 10 minutes or so of your life to get a more holistic understanding of the ‘credit crisis’, ‘recession’, ‘economic downturn’ that we are all involuntarily partakers of.  Some of us may feel the bite of it more than others, and at least within my circle of friends, things might not seem so bad, but this video really hits you with the full weight of the situation with easy to understand visuals, script & delivery.

In good times and especially bad, we have to keep our priorities straight and know exactly where our money is going as it leaves our bank accounts.  The numbers in my bank account have diminished at a steady rate as of late, and this month especially, I’ve come face to face with ‘just scraping by’.  I work in small business, and small business owners, as a whole, are scrambling and scouring the earth, looking for the fabled investor.  It’s kill or be killed, and maybe even feigning death is what it’s gonna take for ELM to push through the threshold, but I’m glad that we’re still here, day in and day out, hustlin’ with blood, sweat and tears.


My iPhone screenshot of my overview of my bank accounts/credit cards. is free online money management software that divvies up your spending and saving into pie charts.  Nothing says you’re serious like a pie chart, and my pie chart is looking mighty puny these days.  Keep in mind, my mom transferred over $250.00 dollars because she thought I wouldn’t be able to recover from the automatic car payment I have scheduled.  Sighs all around.