When Worlds Collide

I haven’t been able to blog recently.  I’m not sure if its because I’ve been extra-busy at work, extra-busy at home taking care of my pup, or I’ve hit that frightening wall known as blogger’s block but I have the feeling I’ll be getting over it soon.  I did write a couple entries but they just weren’t ‘me’ and did not warrant the ever-elusive publish.

I did want to share this video though.  It’s a hilarious depiction of the changing of the times from print to digital.  And I love the old-school, newsie vibe to it.  I grew up on that movie.  Christian Bale’s greatest work, hands down.

3 Responses to When Worlds Collide

  1. ronnygallegos says:


  2. crystal says:

    i like it.. NEWSIES!

  3. eloranicole says:

    Newsies….nice. I love that movie. One of the best musicals…..perhaps ever?

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