Escapade To Salton Sea

A couple of us aspiring photographers decided to set aside the bulk of a Saturday afternoon to traverse eastward to Salton Sea to shoot the ruins of Bombay Beach, the national treasure that is Salvation Mountain and everything else in between.  It was amazing to see such reckless abandonment and it made you wonder what the story was behind each situation.












check out the rest of my pics here

6 Responses to Escapade To Salton Sea

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  2. jane says:

    ooooooooooooo. i really like the seventh one. amazing colors!

  3. myclue says:

    🙂 wish you came jane! 5D MARK II WHEEE

  4. craigphoto says:

    Enjoyed the pictures. The Salton Sea is an interesting place to visit.

  5. myclue says:

    Thanks craig! It certainly means a lot coming from you. I just RSSd your wordpress. You’ve got some great work going for you!

  6. ruth says:

    wowww! love the colors and the quality of the photos!

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