Direct Connect

A beautifully presented short film that you might’ve seen before, but I watched for the first in its entirety today.  The tag for the film reads:

Every day: so many opportunities to connect…What if you took just one?

I feel like I make so many fleeting connections on a daily level.  If either one of us were to take the initiative, it could turn into something so much more worthwhile.  All I really need to do is to back away from my reclusive tendencies and be more willing to let these connections take their course.


Pic via Jonathan Wood

5 Responses to Direct Connect

  1. Jon says:

    does wordpress add that border to everything automatically too?

  2. myclue says:

    I guess it does T_T

  3. myclue says:

    i just manually took off the border on some of the pics.

  4. Jon says:

    I’m looking to get these SE05BSPs and I was wondering if my waist (measured with tape measure) is 32, should I get 32 tag size?

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