So my fam-bam is looking to adopt one of these puppies and you’re gonna help me do it!
Take a look at the pictures of each one and help us with our decision!  It’s been terribly hard for me, so let me know your thoughts!
This is the female of the group.  She’s slightly smaller, a light brown color, beautiful but just a little feisty/growly/prone to nipping at your hand with her little canines.
This is the black male.  He’s playful, a dark clean color with a little diamond of white on his head, and chubby.  Very cute and laid back.
This is the light brown male.  He’s playful, but laid back and cute too.

2 Responses to LE PUPPIES

  1. Irving says:

    LIKE I SAID the female one.

  2. myclue says:

    SHHHH…but we are getting the female. You win, Pongu.

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