A New Day


So today a tidy little package came in for me from Sydney, Australia by way of a Superfuture transaction gone right.  The seller said it’d be here in a week and he was true to his word, perfectamente.
My size 32SE05BSP’s were here to play.  They come with a ginormous inseam (39 inches pre-soak) but the good thing about the unsanforized cotton is that it’ll shrink up to 3 inches in the inseam, so they’ll fit post-soak just fine, with some stacking.
I figured I’d give my other jeans (that I shot yesterday) a nice wash in Dr. Bronner’s herbal and gentle soap concentrate (peppermint!).
And then also take a picture of my old Imperial Dukes that I dug out of my dusty drawers.  These weren’t bad, my only complaint was that the pockets were a tad obnoxious and the leg opening was too large (I did hem them about 4 inches).  They do look pretty nice though, apart from the cellphone in front pocket fade and the unbalanced whiskering.
And now the new project.  I love how The Flat Head cotton fades, but the fit was too off for me to my heart into my other jeans.  Maybe I’ll give them to someone else with more junk in their trunk to finish off, if they’re willing.  I’d hate to see them do nothing.  So the BSP’s are the perfect option for me.  Slim-straight with a small leg opening, a fit thats snug on my waist and will fit better once the starch comes out and the cotton softens up.  I can’t wait.  Now I’ll be able to remember the first day I put them on (I can never remember dates, for the life of me.)  Here we go baby.  Novemeber 20th, 2008.

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